Kauel launches software to navigate throughout the human body

Human Depth View

Chilean company Kauel has launched its product Human Depth View, a piece of educational software that rebuilds the human body and allows users to navigate in three dimensions both easily and intuitively.

Human Depth View is a software that can project 3D models of the human body, which can then be navigated in 3D, rotated and zoomed in or out of, providing access to every millimeter and minute detail of the human body.

Human Depth View was made possible by the contribution of a German citizen who decided to donate their body to science. Once they passed away, their body was processed and cut into slices, with every millimeter of each slice photographed in order to obtain perfect images. Kauel took these images and set out to offer 3D navigation of the body, leading to the software Human Depth View, which became a powerful tool that is available to students, healthcare professionals and anyone else who might need it.

“This software is a fundamental tool for students who need to study and understand the human body in its entirety. Until now, when it comes to anatomy, knowledge of the human body has been based on corpses. Learning about anatomy using a corpse allows students to understand the shape, location, relationship and size of the different organs and structures of the human body. However, students now have the possibility to use this software to learn about every detail of the human body”, explains Edmundo Casas, CEO of Kauel.

The software was developed for educational purposes to aid the study of human anatomy, by providing a learning tool that allows students to have a real-life view and access to different parts of the human body. However, it can also be used as a system to navigate and view images that are obtained from medical examinations. In order to do so, the images just need to be converted to a format that can be read by the Human Depth View software.

Source: Innovación Chilena – innovacionchilena.cl/kauel-lanza-software-navegar-cuerpo-humano/