Museums encompass everything we do.

Kauel: Interactive 3D Museums

Edmundo Casas

An electrical engineer has developed a niche in the market using image processing and interactive technology. Today his products are enjoyed by thousands of visitors to interactive museums in Mexico, Colombia and Chile.

In March this year, the Medellin Water Museum was inaugurated in Colombia, sponsored by the city’s utilities company (EPM). Visitors to the museum go on a journey to learn about the origins of water and its properties, Colombian ecosystems, the relationship between civilizations and water, water infrastructure, contamination and the so-called water footprint.

One of these modules was developed by the Chilean company Kauel.

“Museums encompass everything we do, because they provide a platform in which you can incorporate all kinds of technology”, says Edmundo Casas, the company’s general manager.

Where it all began

The company started 4 years ago by developing 3D software and later working with holograms. “We then developed an imaging system using a camera that allows you to interact with a hologram”, explains Edmundo.

Their initial success gave them the confidence to develop other applications that were geared towards marketing. However, they then shifted towards educational projects, firstly with Fundación Mustakis in Chile and later in Mexico, where they worked on an interactive museum focusing on addictions. All of this was done using their own image processing technology, while emphasizing the importance of interactivity and 3D technology.

“The impact of this model has been really interesting because, on the one hand, this technology allows you to lower costs, while, on the other, it’s more entertaining for children because it’s interactive”, says Edmundo. “It also allows the content to be continually updated, which gives for a much more dynamic museum”.

Today, Kauel is mainly focused on the Mexican market, a country that operates on a much larger scale than Chile. “We don’t have any competition in that market. If you can own these spaces from the beginning, it gives you an advantage in the long run. Whoever gets their first can strike first and gain the upper hand”, suggests Edmundo, who sees Latin America as the natural starting point given the growth of the region and the expertise that has been gained by the team at Kauel.

An electrical engineer and MBA graduate from Universidad Federico Santa María, Edmundo has worked for companies such as Colún, Endesa and Sony. Today he recalls how it all began at Kauel and the different obstacles that companies such as his face when getting started. “It’s incredibly difficult. This is one of the main factors limiting entrepreneurship in Chile and it’s clearly a problem”.

And it all comes down to the culture. “Chileans like to play it very safe and that’s one of the reasons we’re not very entrepreneurial”, he says. “But what’s the worst that can happen? You get another job and start again.”

Source: Made in Chile “KAUEL” madeinchile.in/KAUEL