Kauel’s culture

Our team’s positive attitude allows us to deliver extraordinary results and unique solutions for our clients in the best time lapse possible. We are moved by knowing that with our work and knowledge, we contribute to peoples’ well-being, through improving companies and organizations whose products and services are translated in better life quality for them.

From Colt

This technology and innovation company began in 2004, when our founder Edmundo Casas, a recent graduate in Electronic Engineering from the “Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María” in Chile, started selling equipment to set up school’s physics laboratories and because he prepared boxes of 10 watts of power that equaled one-hundredth of the 745.5 watts of a Horse Power, he decides to call his, at that time Start-up, Colt Power Ideas , being “Potrillo” the Spanish word for Colt.

The company quickly begins to grow and Edmundo invites his friend Cristian Romero, also an Electronic Engineer from the same university, to join as co-founder and during the company’s first 4 years they focused on the development of innovative technology products for entertainment, culture, and education purposes.

The year of Chile’s Bicentennial celebration (2010), brought the first investors interested in making the Colt grow, which resulted in Alejandra Mustakis betting on us and joining the team as a key player for the growth of the company as we know it.

It was her father, Mr. Constantino Mustakis, who suggested that it was time to grow and from that day we stopped being a “Colt”.

To Foal

This is how in 2010, we released a new name, and became Kauel , which means “Foal” in Mapudungun (Chileans second native language), while creating the hologram pyramid, an invention made with one of our own patents, which burst into the marketing industry and also received the Best Invention Award of the year , awarded by Chilean Ministry of Economy.

In 2012, our invention our Kinect technology is awarded the President of the Republic Award as the most Innovative Development and this in conjunction with our developments placed us at the center of innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship of the country.

The following year, we are once again recognized, this time by the Chamber of Commerce and ProChile, for exporting technology and having the Papalote and the Culiacan Museum in Mexico as our clients, exhibiting our technology.

By 2015 we decided on a new strategic path towards other industries and found new opportunities in the service, power supply, oil, mining, retail, and health sectors to deliver high-value solutions. This aroused interest in the company once again, and that is how in 2018 we added new investment partners to our board of directors. This time is INVEXOR Capital , who sees in us a strong company with the possibility of placing Chile on the map of the technological vanguard, with Kauel being the epicenter of the Industry 4.0 in Chile and Latin America.