The online news site described the automatic grading tool designed by Kauel

CoIn, the app for grading tests is featured in Emol

Edmundo Casas

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On January 26th, the El Mercurio website “EMOL” featured the test grading tool designed by Kauel:


“While students used to have to wait weeks to find out the results of a test or exam, there’s now an application that can correct their answers in a matter of seconds”.


“It’s called CoIn, a grading tool for multiple choice tests (plus development and rubrics) that is already being used by teachers across the country and that can grade a student’s answers in less than 5 seconds”.


CoIn is already being used by Universidad Santo Tomás, Esucomex and Universidad de Viña del Mar and is available for all educational institutions. For more information, contact us by writing to


If you would like to read the full story (in Spanish), click here aquí
Edmundo Casas
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