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Advanced Retail Systems

Kauel’s solutions are designed to optimize sales by managing the sales gap, POS advertising and multi-channel marketing tools, as well as providing tools to manage security and losses control. The system can also be used to improve internal logistics (replenishment) and external logistics (transport).

3D Holoviewer

This system projects holographs onto a transparent glass pyramid, allowing objects to be displayed in 3D. The objects can also be rotated and viewed from different angles, as well as being programmed to interact with the user. There is no limit to the range of objects that can be projected. Ideal to use as an exhibitor, at dimly-lit events, office receptions or salesrooms.

Virtual Hosts

The virtual host is a digital character, real or animated, which can be used at big events. The character is projected or shown on a screen or through a holoviewer and can interact and talk with the audience in real time, as well as being a master of ceremonies.

Touch and Multi-Touch Modules

Screen modules for content interaction which come in different sizes and models. These touch modules can be operated using a finger, while multi-touch modules can be operated using several fingers at the same time.

Digital Signage

Multimedia control panel used to manage multiple displays. Ideal for organizations with several locations spread out and can be connected to one another via the Internet. Great as digital notice boards for HR, production reports, advertisements, etc.