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In any industry, processes must constantly be optimized, while strictly adhering to established procedures. KAUEL’s optimization team specializes in developing ideal solutions for facilitating this kind of task.


Co.In is a system for instantly correcting multiple choice forms, meaning that a student’s responses can be automatically graded by just scanning their answer sheet. The system also generates reports to aid the decision-making process in educational management (PCT patent in USA).


  • Can generate a test from a question bank, therefore increasing the range of available questions.
  • Allows different versions of a test to be generated so as to avoid copying.
  • Grading can be done instantly by scanning the student’s responses using a mobile device.
  • Once grading is completed, the information is immediately uploaded to provide relevant statistics.
  • Personalized reports are generated for each student, teacher and academic coordinator.
  • The system features a robust and secure database.

Human Depth View

Software that allows you to navigate throughout a real human body, viewing the inside of the body using 3D navigation (x, y and z axes), as well as controlling the level of transparency or opacity. This software is ideal for students of different ages that need to learn about the inside of the human body, as well as for doctors or healthcare professionals who need to view images from a CT scan or similar systems that produce 3D images.

VR Labs

VR Labs is an Educational Platform created by Kauel that allows students to visit different types of 3D laboratories using virtual reality technology. The system also tracks the students’ learning by recording data on their training and assessment.

This format has also been used to recreate entire higher education institutions, which students can visit virtually.